Wednesday, July 8, 2009

cara- cara buat roti gardenia =)

ohh goshhh!!!
damn T.I.R.E.D

i did 3kg of 5 different samples of bread..

a total of 15 kg of breads!!!! * sila bygkan my tahap kepenatan...*

jap jap..wanna show u guys this:

steps of making sandwich loaf *mcm roti gardenia* bread

1. weigh all the ingredients...*sieve the flour..bla bla bla..the yeast ,enzymes,preservatives*
2. put in mixer together with cold h20 + shortening *margerin pun bulehhh*
3.mix together for 10 minuets..
4. angkat for 6 minits
5. bentukkan into small round doughs each 400g
6. rest for 10 minits
7. put in moulder machine..
8. slice into 4..position the doughs for sandwich loaf
9. put into the sandwich loaf pan*sila gris the loaf with shortening first*
10. proof in the proofer with the suhu 37 degree till the dough is less than 1cm from the top..
11. cover the loaf with the lid *pls griss with shortening the lid also ye*
12. bake in oven...suhu: 200 degree, 30 minits..
13. dah hbs bake, take out the lid, kuarkan the YUMMY FRESH HOT BREAD!!!
14. cool down the breads on the jaring2 n dlm air con room for +-2hours..
15. pack the breads in plastic bags..ikat/seal the bags..


penat kan?kan? bygkan all this kena buat for 5 kali..

p/s: saye sudah mahu tukar wang...yeay yeay!!! =)

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